Why is Having the Right Gate Important?


Installing a gate in your fence has the obvious benefit of keeping your property accessible, but there’s much more to choosing the right gate for your needs. Here at Legend Fence Corp., we understand the benefits of having the right gate on your property, and so we decided to share this information with you.

How do you choose the right gate?

Picking the best gate goes beyond choosing one that matches your fence. First you need to consider where on the property it’s located; is it a garden gate you need, or a driveway gate? What’s your main priority, function, style, or security?

A gate to your backyard, for example, will often go beyond function. If it’s a gate located on your property, then you should also consider style, and the fact that a well-designed gate can be a feature in itself in the right garden.

However, if it’s a gate on a property boundary, then security should probably be your main concern. There are plenty of garden gates available with a range of security features that are perfect for protecting your children while they’re playing in the yard.

The same is true for driveway gates, as these are almost always located on the property boundary. A good driveway gate should be easy to access and convenient, but still secure enough to protect your family. For example, a remote-controlled gate might be the best choice, as it can only be opened by someone with the remote. Electronic gates are almost always more secure than manual gates.

What is the best material?

After thinking about the purpose and function of your gate, it’s worth turning your attention to its appearance. Security plays an important role here too, as some materials are far more secure than others.

For example, if you’re looking for top security from a driveway gate, then something like metal or vinyl will be your best choice. It’s also worth avoiding something like chain link fencing, as this is very easy to climb.

However, if you’re looking at gates within your property that are more for decoration, then you could consider a wooden gate. There’s not much wrong with installing a wooden gate on your property boundary, but it obviously needs to be high enough to remain secure.

Bear in mind that most gates large enough to be secure will be fairly heavy, so it might be best to install electric motors on them for convenience. Wooden gates and fences also require regular maintenance to stay secure, so either be prepared for this or opt for a low maintenance material such as metal.


Fitting a gate on your property is an ideal way to increase security, particularly if your children and/or pets regularly play in the yard. Bear in mind too that a gate goes well beyond function, and can be a stylish feature in itself. If you think your property could benefit from having a new gate installed, contact Legend Fence Corp. in San Diego CA now to see how we can help protect your family. 

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