Top Considerations When Installing a New Privacy Fence


Installing a privacy fence around your property has plenty of benefits. Not only do they make your backyard more secluded, but they also make it easier to keep kids and pets safe.

If you’re thinking of installing a new privacy fence on your property, there are a few key things you must consider. Here are the most important factors to consider when installing a new fence.

1. What are your zoning laws?

Zoning laws determine how property and land can be used. As a result, specific zoning laws might state whether you can build a privacy fence or not.

Then, you might have to check with your HOA about fence regulations. Some state the materials you can use, the maximum height, and many other specific rules. Dealing with an HOA can often be more difficult than dealing with zoning laws!

San Diego zoning laws are fairly standard, but going through them to find the information you need can be very time-consuming. Still, it’s better to do this before you start building.

2. Do you know where your utility lines are?

Whether this is an entirely new fence or a replacement, you’ll need to know if it crosses any utility lines. The last thing you want is to burst a water pipe when building a new fence.

Of course, you won’t want to go searching for them yourself. The easiest way to find out is to speak to local San Diego utility companies.

3. How big will the fence be?

Providing you know where the fence is going, you’ll then need to work out how long it’ll be. Building plans can help with this, as they should show measurements for property boundaries.

Doing it manually with a measuring wheel can be more accurate, though. When measuring, don’t forget to account for posts, which take up a surprising amount of room.

Then, you need to factor in any hills and dips, as this adds yet more material and work.

4. What materials will you use?

Material choices impact the overall cost of a privacy fence more than anything else. For example, wood is the least expensive to use but won’t last as long as vinyl. As it’s a privacy fence, you probably won’t want to consider chain-link or metal railings.

You also have to consider the design and any fancy elements you want to include, such as latticework, paneling, and paint. All this will impact cost and installation time.

Alternatives to DIY

Although there’s something satisfying about doing construction work yourself, this might not be true of building a privacy fence. It takes a surprising amount of work, and there are plenty of variables inexperienced DIYers can overlook.

So, if you want to build a new privacy fence in San Diego but think this sounds like too much work, contact Legend Fence Corp. We have more than 30 years experience building fences, and quality and accuracy are second nature to us.

Contact us today for a free estimate on privacy fence installation.

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