Proper Maintenance Tips for Wrought Iron Gates


Wrought iron is such an amazing metal to work with. It can be so pliable you could warp it into very intricate and complex designs. If you are looking to install gates to your property, there is no better way to add both grandeur and security to it than wrought iron gates.However, once installed you have to make sure that its beauty and durability are maintained to make it last twice longer.

In this article, you will learn some proven maintenance tips for your wrought iron gates. 

Prevent Rusting

Use epoxy primer if you want to prevent rusting on your wrought iron gates. Epoxy primer application only requires a brush or a roller. The first coating must be completely dry before applying another one. 

Regular protective sealant application is also helpful for keeping your iron gate safe against harsh environmental elements. Otherwise your gate will tarnish and this will make it vulnerable to rusting. Not to mention that the sight of flaking and bubbling paint would make your iron gate look ugly instead of increasing your property’s curb appeal. 

Wax Sealant

You can use a wax sealer that acts as a barrier to ensure water and oxygen won’t penetrate. However, wax sealants could wear out over a period of time. So, you need to apply wax sealant every year. 

Metal Sealant

Metal sealants are better than wax sealants in terms of longevity. In most cases, you will apply it again only when the iron gate needs to be repainted. 


But, if rust has already occurred, quickly remove it. Use sandpaper when removing the rust immediately as soon as you notice it. Just rub it away and then consider repainting it as soon as possible to avoid the rust from accumulating. 


Applying paint on the iron gate is also an effective way to keep rusts away. Paint does a good job in protecting the iron gate from damage caused by moisture and air. 

Keep it Clean

Clean the iron gates using warm soapy water as soon as you notice the presence of dirt on it. As much as possible, use a mild cleanser.  Avoid using solvents, petroleum products or other chemical-based cleaners as these could only do more harm than good to your iron gate. Choose the kind of soap which contains emulsifiers that could help remove stains and grime. 

This regular routine would also give you the opportunity to immediately scrub away any rusts before they even have the chance of penetrating deep into the iron. Use a small thin brush to be able to reach those narrow spots. Rinse your iron gate with clean water and allow it to dry by wiping it with a non-abrasive cloth. 

Never let the water dry on the iron gate without wiping it with a cloth. The tap water may contain chemicals and minerals that could damage or stain the iron gate. 

If you need to clean a very large wrought iron gate, might as well use a pressure washer. A pressure washer works best when you do not just want to spot clean the dirty areas. But, remember to use it with filtered water and definitely not ground water or tap water. Set it in low-pressure so you won’t damage the paint and its surface finish. 

Oil, Repair and Replace

Iron gate may need some repairs especially if it has been around for quite a long time. The hinges, latches and fasteners and other parts of it may need to be oiled, repaired or replaced. If you notice a squeaky sound or as soon as you notice that there’s something wrong with your iron gate, take action right away. 

Address any issues, even the slightest one the soonest time possible. This way, you can prevent these slight damages from becoming worse. Otherwise, your iron gate may not last longer than expected. 

Beware of Plants

Some plants hold moisture which can cause structural damage once they grow on top or very close to your iron gate. If you want to put plants near your gate, make sure they are not the type that will crawl into your fence as they grow. It is better to use wires as support so that the plants will crawl into them and not on the iron gate. 

It can be tempting to plant shrubs and hedges near the iron gate and make it look like a beautiful canvas. However, when these plants grow near the iron gate, the gate becomes at risk of being damaged. This is because plants can hold moisture and once this moisture comes in contact with the gate, the formation of rust spots also starts to take place. 

If left unnoticed, rust may develop and damage not only the looks but as well as the structural stability of your wrought iron gate. Therefore, you need to be wise in selecting the kind of plant to grow near your iron gates. 

Regular Inspection

Conducting regular inspection to your iron gates at least once a month enables you to immediately address any problems before any huge damage can start to occur. Carefully check those grooves and joints and soon after a period of rainy days. The rainy season could wreak havoc on your iron gates so check the gate immediately to spot and remove rusts while they’re still in their early stage of emergence. 

Your wrought iron gate does a great job in keeping your loved ones and your property safe. But, don’t just have it installed and forget about caring for it. Observe these proper maintenance tips and you will have a sturdy and beautiful looking  wrought iron gate for years to come!

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