How to Choose the Best Fence to Keep Your Children Safe


With many families being home now a day because of the covid-19 pandemic, more children are spending time in their front or backyard. There are few things better than letting your kids spent some quality time in the yard. However, many of us are aware of the constant feeling of anxiety when we leave our kids to play in an unsecured yard.

We at Legend Fence Corp. understand this concern shared by many parents. So we’re here to inform you how to choose the best fence to keep your kids safe so they can continue to enjoy your yard for years to come.

What counts as a child friendly fence?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing the right fence to protect your kids. We’ve broken them down here so you know exactly what to look for when making your choice.


Choosing the right material for your fence is an important first step. For example, a wooden fence is prone to give splinters if not maintained properly, which should automatically discount it from most households.

We also want to inform you that many residents with chain link fences, see that they might be easy to climb.  We all know that children love to climb, and will most likely give it a go whether they’re actively looking to climb over the fence or not.

Similarly, durability should be at the forefront of your decisions too. Your best choice is a sturdy and durable material that requires little maintenance. For this we’d recommend something like iron fencing, vinyl, or metal.

Size and Structure

It goes without saying that your fence needs to be designed so that it’s impossible (or at least challenging) to climb over, from either side. It should be tall enough so as to present a challenge for anyone looking to break into your yard. We’d recommend installing a fence at least 5 feet high.

While picketed fences are still an option for a protective fence, consider how large the gaps are between pickets. A small child can easily fit through a tight gap, both between pickets and under the fence. It might sound blunt, but consider how you’d install a fence to keep a pet from escaping.

You should also consider visibility when choosing the right fence to protect your kids, as this is something many people overlook. For example, you want good visibility so you’ll be able to see what your kids are doing if you’re ever separated by the fence.

Visibility goes hand in hand with privacy and security.  After all, you might consider a boundary fence that offers full privacy to be preferable over one you can see through. This factor might be different if you’re deciding on a pool or garden border fence, for example.


Choosing the best fence to protect your kids does require more consideration than you might think. If you’re looking to install a new fence to keep your kids safe, contact Legend Fence Corp located in Lemon Grove San Diego California. As family people, we know exactly what concerns parents might have over their kids’ security, and we take these into consideration when offering our best choices.

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