Common Fence Installation Mistakes


Installing a new fence on your property can be an exciting project. However, seeing the project go wrong can be stressful, and ultimately affect your appreciation of the new fence once it’s built. Because we want customers to make the most of our San Diego fence installation services, we’ve worked out the most common mistakes so you know what to avoid.

Inadequate planning

Planning is more important than the construction stage. After all, if planning is done right, the fence should just fall into place. It’s crucial to work out your needs and budget before work starts, as it gets more difficult to change the further along you go. Make sure you’re up to date with local Homeowners Association guidelines for construction projects, and that you also know the location of any underground pipes. The worst thing you could do is bust a water line when putting in a fence post.

Not choosing the right materials

This is part of the planning stage, but a very important part. Different materials have unique benefits and drawbacks, and it helps to know these before choosing. For example, if you need a fence around your pool, it’s best to choose a corrosion resistant material such as vinyl or aluminum. If you need a fence for privacy or to block out noise, you could do much worse than wood. Make sure you consider all options before picking the right material for your project.

Not getting the lay of the land

It’s very rare for a fence to be constructed on completely flat ground. The geography of your property will have an effect on where the fence can be built, so it helps to plan this in advance. Get an idea of any slopes on your property, and let us know so that we can take the right steps to build it properly.

Getting measurements wrong

There are few things worse than installing a fence, only to realize you got the measurements wrong. This can have an effect on your budget, and the speed at which your project is completed. Knowing the correct measurements also means you order the right amount of materials, which gives you a much better grasp on your end budget.

Not communicating with neighbors

People can get angry if they’re not kept in the loop about something that affects their property. You might have different ideas about where the boundary lies between your two properties, or they might have different ideas about what materials to use. Although it needn’t be more than a pleasantry, telling your neighbors about a fencing project can help to avoid bad blood in the future.

Legend Fence Corp has years of experience providing San Diego fence installation services, and over that time we’ve seen many different mistakes. We do everything we can to ensure a smooth installation process, but there are some steps that are out of our hands. The most important thing to remember is that good planning is key. If you’re looking to get a new fence installed, contact us today for a quote.

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