5 Ways to Extend The Life of A Wooden Fence


The most important thing in maintaining any type of fence is to be proactive and take care of problems before they turn into major long-term issues. Below are five ways to extend the life of a wooden fence.

1.Keep the wood as dry as possible

Wood fences need to be kept out of the rain, especially during winter months when snow banks can cover them up. An easy way to prevent major moisture build up is by keeping leaves from accumulating around the fence and keeping gutters clear in general – in other words, maintain your property so water flows away from not on it.

2. Repair cracks right away

Cracks will only get bigger if they’re not taken care of immediately, and there is nothing worse than a giant crack in the middle of a fence. The best and most cost effective way to repair cracks is by using wood filler. You can buy premixed fillers at most hardware stores, or if you’re more handy, you can easily mix your own with sawdust or shavings from your old lumber pile (most people will never know the difference).

3. Replace boards that rot

This in most cases is fine to do at your leisure, as long as you have a plan of attack for getting the old board out and not creating any big openings in which critters can make their homes. We would NOT suggest replacing boards if they’re still holding up ok, unless it’s just to freshen up the old fence. Most of the time, you will need a reciprocating saw or some other type of saw with a blade specifically designed for wood. You can find smaller blades at hardware stores.

4. Fill holes in the fence

This goes along with keeping the fence as dry as possible, but sometimes it’s not always feasible to keep water away from certain sections of your wooden fence. If you have holes from critters chewing on the wood or just general wear and tear, this is a situation that you’ll want to address as soon as possible. The best way for this is by purchasing some wood fence paint. These types of paints are specifically designed for fences and come in several different colors. You can also use stain but the color will be more noticeable.

5. Paint the fence

This is more of a simple cosmetic fix that makes a huge difference and will protect the wood from the elements (mostly UV). If you are not sure what type of paint to use, then we would suggest using exterior latex paint as it’s good for all types of wood and weather.


Wooden fences are a great way to keep your property secure and add value. If you follow the above tips you should be able to extend the life of your wooden fence by many years as it will help prevent rot from developing as well as avoid other problems that can cause damage over time. If you need help with a fence repair or installation please contact Legend Fence for a free estimate.

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